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I've installed latest version of fleet and when I opened my project with golang and js inside it run smart mode with two smart mode jobs. Everything was ok, but fleet started lagging a bit with whole system when I started checking what is going on I noticed that fleet started to consume all of my 8 CPU cores :( One more thing there was a massage that fleet increased memory allocation, I don't know is this expected behavior or no if someone know let me know, but I don't think that this is a good thing for users experience when your system is lagging.



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Hi! Sorry for a delayed reply.

What fleet version do you use? Do you see a constant CPU consumption or, e.g. it lowers after the initial indexing and project initialization?

Would it possible to have a sample project? It can be uploaded to a private https://uploads.jetbrains.com or you can submit it via the form. Thank you.

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Yeah it was happening when smart mode is enable and only when indexing process took place.

I was using 1.23.[something]. I updated to 1.13 recently and looks like I doesn't see such load, I has something but for much shorter period of time when indexing happens anymore, it looks more like IDEA indexing right now. 

I will take a look on new version and let you know if I still had such consumption.

Thanks for response.


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