Golang problems (GOPATH)


I set GOPATH in the environment variable, but the fleet doesn't seem to use the environment variable value, but the fixed $HOME/go. When clicking the execute button in the editor, the dependencies are always downloaded to $HOME/go instead of the previously set GOPATH, even if the goPath option is configured in run.json. It works perfectly fine when manually executing go mod tidy in the terminal.

When I open the source code, the 3rd party package is always not found, only the standard package is worked.

And does it support go work now?

Fleet version: build 1.10.192
OS: Mac OS X (10.15.7, x86_64)

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Unfortunately, it is known issue. Please vote for it in our tracker: FL-15795 GOPATH not properly resolved when indexing dependencies

Thank you for reporting it.

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Sorry, I didn't know there was such an issue before, I will follow up later


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