Allow me to hide run tabs


With IntelliJ products I had a routine to run a run configuration and then close the tab that would open so that a background continuous run (such as a local web server) could hum along in the background without taking up screen real estate. I am using Fleet for the first time on a project that has an NPM server running locally. Switching from VS Code was super easy and I am loving fleet so far, however I want to run my server from the IDE instead of an external command line. I have the configuration set up, but when I run it, I get a tab showing my command line feedback. This is expect so far, however closing the tab kills the process! I can shrink the pane down to it's smallest option, but I have a lot of windows open right now so this is still a lot of space on my screen showing me feedback that is irrelevant. I would like to be able to close this tab down to just some sort of status indicator in the bottom or top of the window that might light up with a notification if something happens on the command line to cause the server daemon to bell or exit.


Update: after a bit more poking around I have figured out that I can hide and show each panel (left/right/bottom) and this will not affect background processes in the panel. This partially solves my issue by saving the screen real estate. I would still like to have the active running status shown somewhere when minimized, but this does get back a dozen lines of screen space!


I would still like to have the active running status shown somewhere when minimized

The running process indicator is shown in the run popup:


Does this help? How did you use it in VSCode?


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