Code completions for GO


You have a convenient IDE Golang, but I use Fleet for developing on a remote server, but there is no code completion assistant there.

Could you orient yourself by timing, are you going to do code completions in Feel for Go?


Completion should work. Make sure the Smart mode is enabled for project. Can you please describe all the steps to reproduce and the expected/actual result you get? Screenshot would be helpful. Please also attach Fleet logs (Help | Collect Logs... action). Thank you.

For uploading you can use or any file sharing service.


Good evening, thanks for faster answer!
Completion works only on local machine, but on remote server doesn't work. Smart mode is enable. I can't get a Fleet logs, because Collect Logs works only on local machine too. But I have errors notifications. I use 1.10.192 version.

Upload id: 2022_11_11_ELvUWfUfec4VPiq3e8EuqC (files: 2022-11-11 21.13.31.jpg, 2022-11-11 21.30.51.jpg)



Logs - Upload id: 2022_11_11_reQEEktZfNM7AnLCTv8Xxd (file:


Thank you for the logs! It is known issue that was reported here: FL-16542 Don't load font on the backend side doing completion

I hope it will be fixed in near Fleet version updates. Please vote for it and follow it in the tracker.


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