Fleet not working


Using pycharm which I love, wanted to test Fleet ... and clearly did not get far... it would not find any python interpreter while several are installed and pyenv also, pycharm wind them all fleet find none ...

Tried to found the solution in internet, just found other people having same issue but not solution

Will wait this app development is finished before to try it, if even the interpreter is not found I can imagine the app is far from tested...


Please make sure you have the Smart mode enabled. Then configure the interpreter for the project, please see Configure a Python interpreter.


Smart mode is on

But no Python interpreter found ... which IS the issue with Fleet :

Selecting python3 executable with Add Python Interpreter... will just return with no action, no error, no impact on the list.

Nothing in the list in Fleet despite all the try to add an interpreter ... while on the same machine pycharm found all of them (so the issue is with Fleet):






What is the project type? Or are you opening a single file?

Have you configured the Python in Toolchain settings?


Single file, no project, just want to test Fleet to quickly test a python file ... for a projet I will use PyCharm


Running single files is not supported. Please vote for and follow the FL-14728 Smart mode does not work if user opens one file, not a folder


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