Configuring Fleet to use tabs instead of spaces?


Right now, Fleet seems to use spaces by default, but my project is entirely based on tabs. Both auto formatting (js/ts) and just inserting new lines in general seems to use spaces and I haven't been able to figure out a way to change that.

Am I missing something or is there currently no way to change this behaviour?


Not having this option basically makes Fleet unusable for me too.


Please set indent_style = tab in the .editorconfig file for the project for particular file type or any file types - Fleet will use tabs for indentation.


Thanks, that works for now.
Hopefully it will be a global setting soon.


Setting the indent_style is not working for me in cpp files. I also couldn't find the formatting options in the C++ section of the documentation like the ones in the C# section, so I assume this is still coming in the future for C++?


Zander Labuschagne indeed, there is an issue with c++. Please vote for this bug in our tracker: FL-19775 C++ does not respect tab size


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