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I have been testing the new 1.31 update of Fleet. Specifically, I have been exploring the new Markdown functionality. However, so far, I feel that it is incomplete. I would like it to have a real-time preview, similar to how it is implemented by default in many current Markdown editors, such as Obsidian, Marktext, Typora, among others. The ability to see how the Markdown is rendered as I write it is really useful to ensure that my formatting is correct. I hope that the Fleet developers consider adding this feature in future updates. 🚀


Thank you for your feedback!

Could you please clarify, what you mean by “real-time preview”? For me - the proview is updated once I change the markdown file text. Do you mean some different feature? Thank you!


Sorry for not being clear. What I mean by that is this:

Actual real time preview. (this is a split view, edit at one side and preview in the other)

What I try to describe (this is the same view ‘edit and preview’). 

As you can see, I can edit it in the same view of the file, and as you type, the line is rendered differently for example, you write ‘# Cedulas’ that is a H1 and in the second picture change as you type in the editor. 

Sorry if I mess up this a little, I hope this time explain it better.

Thanks for your time.   


Thank you for clarifications. Please vote for this request in our tracker: FL-25486 Support editing in the Markdown preview mode


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