Error Squiggy Lines in Fleet for java


Jetbrains fleet is unable to read the files from generated classesd and other error squiggy lines show up in fleet but no problem if same project is opened on Intellij idea or vscode.

Issue reproduction : Clone/Download the reposioty at GitHub - Erudika/para: Multitenant backend server for building web and mobile apps rapidly. The backend for busy developers. (self-hosted or hosted)

After that toggle the smart mode and we will see there are several java files in red squiggy lines, but when I build and run from command line, it works fine. Morevoer, Intellij IDEA doesnot report any issue nor vscode. Please check this as this gives a poor user experience and developer is always insecured looking at the red squiggy error lines. Thanks

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Hi! Answered here. Thanks.


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