Feature Request: Create "Split" when "Move Tab to the Other Side of the Split" when no current Split


I often use the “Split” feature (in any editor I use) so I can easily see reference things in multiple files while working.

The currently keyboard experience for creating the split and moving the current tab over to it is a bit clunky. 


1) Create split with the `Split Right` or `Split Down` command
2) Move focus back to previous split with `Focus First Split`
3) Close original tab (the one that was “split”) with `Cmd+w`
4) Focus back on the new tab (created via the “split” command)

After the split is created, the experience of moving tabs around is nice because I can just `Move Tab to the Other Side of the Split` and straight up moves the tab instead of splitting it into two tabs.

I'd love to be able to create the “split” view but, instead of splitting the tab, I'd like to just move the tab over. That would cut out a lot of steps and help me stay in the flow.

Basically, it'd be great if `Move Tab to the Other Side of the Split` would create the split and then move the tab over. And, in addition, it would be nice if `Move Tab to the Other Side of the Split` also just closed the split when the last tab left it.


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Thank you for your request! Hopefully it will soon be implemented in scope of this request: FL-12474 Add a vertical split when using "Move tab to another split" if editor is not split

Please vote it up in YouTrack. Thank you.


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