Cannot save file: Not supported (os error 95), failed to open file


Hello dear fellows,

regularly, I need to edit files remotely via SFTP. The destination consists of GNU/Linux Debian servers and the mount point—containing the desired files—does not seem to be the point here.

Trying to open and edit those remote files lacks the ability to save them back. An error telling Cannot save file: Not supported (os error 95), failed to open file is all I get (see screenshot below).

And because any other editor I might use does not seem to have that exact issue (even PhpStorm and/or PyCharm both in light IDE mode) are able to edit those remote files. So, what could be the issue with Fleet, especially?

Kind regards,




Could you please advise how do you open the remote files exactly? Fleet fully supports remote development when you install Fleet on a remote server where your remote files are located and connect to this remote workspce from Fleet frontend. 

Does this work fo you? Thank you.


Hei Andrey,

indeed, my workstation consists of a Debian GNU/Linux running the Cinnamon desktop. This particular desktop provides Nemo the file manager. In the file manager I connect to my remote SFTP server by typing s in the adress bar and this remote resource then gets mounted locally as /run/user/666/gvfs/ — From here I just double click the desired file from within Nemo, as I associated it with Fleet.

Your suggestion to install Fleet on a remote server is something I do not want to do at this time beeing.


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