Fleet FLEET_JDK Environment Variable


I've got an issue running all Jetbrains tools on one of my machines, where the bundled version of JRE doesn't run – therefore, none of the tools start up.  To overcome this issue, I have setup environment variables to point to a JRE version that runs correctly, ie. IDEA_JDK, RIDER_JDK, PYCHARM_JDK, etc.  However, I can't find the env variable I should use for Fleet – tried FLEET_JDK, which doesn't work.  What is the env variable I should use for Fleet?


Hi Jerry! Unfortunately, there is no such a possibility to customize the JDK Fleet will run under. Fleet uses very specific and stripped Java runtime, comparing to a normal JDK, so it can use only bundled java runtime. 

Could you clarify, please, what is the exactly problem you have with running under default Java runtime? Thank you.


I have filled the bug to our JetBrains Runtime project: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JBR-6165 Please vote for it and follow for updates. Thank you for reporting!


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