Is there a way to set up local web server debugging?

I have been using WebStorm for many years, with my only real complaint being sluggish performance at times and/or pegged CPU usage. Fleet looks quite promising so far, but I'm trying to figure out how to launch my application for debugging.
In WebStorm, you can select html files, and directly "run/debug" from the context menu. I'm guessing that this support is not yet built into Fleet, nor does it seem to support that run configuration type at all. Here's the config from WS, for example:
<configuration default="false" name="templates" type="JavascriptDebugType" uri="http://localhost:63342/<path_to_my_html>/index.html?templates=true" useBuiltInWebServerPort="true">

In lieu of built-in support for this in Fleet, what would be the best solution for debugging web apps?

Could you please specify if you already have run configurations specified? If so, you can select 'npm Scripts' in the 'Run and Debug' menu and click on the 'Debug' option.

For the short term, we added an npm run script using "http-server", and this does launch the app and allow debugging within Chrome dev tools. It doesn't however support debugging from Fleet, nor the ability to share a debug session across a Collaboration. (I think Fleet attaches to the http-server itself, not to any applications running therein).

Thank you for the update. Could you please specify if you are using a common framework in your project like Angular or ReactJS? Also, are you able to run scripts in your `package.json` file from the gutter?

There is some React UI in the project, but it was bolted on later and didn't start its life that way. I don't consider it to be a “React framework” project, it's more like straight JS with a compiled and embedded React UI.

Fleet does launch the scripts from the gutter, but it's essentially debugging the `http-server`, and not our app. As in, the console window doesn't show logs from our app, and breakpoints set in Fleet don't get triggered, etc.


Thank you for clarifications! There is no built-in web server integrated into Fleet yet and plain JavaScript debugging in browser. Please vote for this request in our tracker:

Thank you.

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