Request for Auto-Formatting Functionality in Non-Smart Mode for Kotlin Projects


I'm using Fleet for Kotlin projects and think that it's amazing.

Currently, in the non-smart mode, auto-formatting can't be used. Is it possible to add this feature? I understand that this mode is designed to be lightweight and efficient, but I believe the inclusion of auto-formatting could be a valuable addition.

Thank you for considering my proposal. 


Could you please elaborate on your use case? Do you want to use the 'Reformat code' feature only for Kotlin files without Smart mode enabled? Thanks!


I'd like to clarify my use case:

  1. I often use Fleet on a less powerful laptop, where I need to open large or multiple interconnected projects. In these situations, I sometimes need to make small adjustments or changes to the code. Having the ability to auto-format in non-smart mode would greatly simplify this process.

  2. I also use Fleet for practicing LeetCode problems. These tasks typically don't require the full functionality of smart mode, but auto-formatting would still be very useful.

  3. As far as I understand, code formatting seems to have little to do with the need to index the entire project. It would be great if we could have this functionality independently of the mode in which we are operating.

Currently, I'm addressing this issue by using a run.json configuration with a task that utilizes ktlint. However, a built-in solution in Fleet would be much appreciated.

Thanks for considering my request!

Thank you for your elaboration. I've passed your feedback to the team. We'll consider adding the possibility to reformat code without Smart mode enabled in future Fleet versions.

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