Can't sync with remote Git repo


I have a Go project in Bitbucket that works fine across several machines using Goland.  But when I open it in Fleet I get strange error messages: "Password requested to another username that is stored, removing stored user."  which is confusing and not at all helpful.  And when I try to synch with BitBucket it asks for a password (but not user) but fails with a valid password.

Communication with local git repo is ok, it's just the remote access that is not working.  My gitconfig hasn't changed and looks to be ok.

I don't know whats wrong.

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This message means that the git url contains a user that's not the user we stored previously, or something like that. The message is indeed not clear. We have a request to refactor this part, please vote for FL-15560 Account updated: unclear notification

And the issue with BitBucket, specifically is logged as FL-12524 Keep asking for bitbucket password

The problem is that Fleet does not work Git credential manager. The current workaround is to use ssh instead of https for Git if possible.


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