Full list of run.json macros



I see there is $FILE$ macro, so I can point to my program.cpp

How do I desgnate the output to be program.exe ? I need a macro like $FILE_WITHOUT_EXTENSION$ , or $BASEFILE$ or any other name for the configuration to be generic, without the file name hardwird in.



The list of available macros in Fleet is on the following page: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/fleet/built-in-macros.html


This is a very poor "Full List". there should be other macros that allow referring to PARTS of the file name, or some  Syntax that will allow for something like $FILENAME$[:-4] to get the name "PROGRAM" from "Program.CPP", so Ican, maybe, form a "PROGRAM.EXE" token.

Any takers?




Shalom Elkin

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no such macro that will allow referring to parts of the file name. I created a feature request for this: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/FL-20337/Add-more-run-configuration-macros

Feel free to check it for more updates.

I would like to expand upon the author's point. I've been using Fleet and I must say I'm quite satisfied with its functionality and usability. However, I've recently encountered a situation where the current feature set seems to be somewhat limiting.

Specifically, I was trying to configure a Kotlin file to be run directly using the run.json configuration. The command I intended to use was something along the lines of: "cd $currDir && kotlinc $fileName -include-runtime -d $fileNameWithoutExt.jar && java -jar $fileNameWithoutExt.jar && rm $fileNameWithoutExt.jar"

Unfortunately, as far as I understand, Fleet currently doesn't support variables like $currDir, $fileName, or $fileNameWithoutExt in the run.json configuration, which makes it impossible to run the command in the context of a specific file.

It would be tremendously helpful if Fleet could support these kinds of variables (or similar ones) that reference the file currently being edited or selected in the editor. This would bring Fleet closer to the functionality offered by other IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, and would enable users like me to make even better use of Fleet's capabilities.

Thank you for considering my suggestion. 





Thank you for your feedback! Please vote for this related request in our tracker: FL-20337 Add more run configuration macros

I hope we will improve it with these macro variables that you give as an example. Thank you.


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