Changing application configuration, caches, plugins directories

~/Library/Application Support/Jetbrains/Fleet

Default caches directory location:





Default plugins directory location:

Plugins stored on WS Server:
Plugins downloaded to Frontend:

Changing Fleet config and caches directories via properties file:

System properties for Fleet might be set in three additional places: ~/<caches_dir>/<FLEET_PROPERTIES_FILE>


  • <caches_dir> is ~/Library/Caches/JetBrains/Fleet on mac, ~/.cache/JetBrains/Fleet/ on linux and %LOCALAPPDATA%\JetBrains\Fleet\ on windows.
  • <FLEET_PROPERTIES_FILE> – an environment variable, it may point to any properties-file on disk

All system properties defined in those files are merged. If there are multiple values for a property – the latter wins.


To define new directory locations for Fleet configuration, caches and plugins, in the file specify the following properties: property for the configuration path property for the caches path, e.g:<custom_path><custom_path>

Changing via properties file from Fleet:

1. Enable internal mode for Fleet: add "internalMode": true, into Fleet settings.json file 

2. Invoke Goto | Actions... popup and invoke Open FleetCfg action:


3. In the Fleet.cfg file specify the system property for the configuration path system property for the caches path, e.g:<custom_path><custom_path>

 4. Restart.

Note that properties in FleetCfg file are processes in the first place. If the same property is specified in file, the property from FleetCfg file will be overwritten.

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Thanks for this article,it's helpful for setting these entries manually.Will Fleet has any way to setting/override these config entries like vscode cli(eg. "--user-data-dir <custom path to user profile>,--extension-dir <custom path to extensions>")?


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